flow/cut showcased the works produced during the public art project ‘the fluid city’. The singular projects came together allowing new ways of seeing, experiencing & interacting with the element of water.

Curated & produced by ArtO2 and the Mohile Parikh Center in collaboration with StudioX, the installations, photographs & videos originated by the urban interventions of Tushar Joag, Pradeep L. Mishra, Prajakta Potnis, Sharmila Samant, Vijay Sekhon, Uday Shanbhag, and Parag Tandel created a dialogue as they articulated their tales on water in the city.

The opening was followed by a discussion entitled: “Of Denial And Desire: The Paradoxes of Water in the City” with the participation of art historian Tasneem Mehta, social critic Jeroo Mulla and activist Simpreet Singh.