Staged Time – 21.12.2012

“Staged Time – 21.12.2012” is a participatory one-day performance by artist Tobias Megerle curated and produced by ArtOxygen and Asia Art Projects.
The project will be part of the worldwide event “The Third Paradise – Rebirth Day”, initiated and promoted by the Italy-based Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto.

The 21st December 2012 is a symbolic date, marking the beginning of a new, spiritual era, in which individuals, together, strive to make our world a better place to live in. The project intends to urge people to interrogate the role each one of us plays in our world, as it is only when one questions oneself, does change occur, even in a utopian way. In this perspective, our lives can be seen as a continuous line of instants, of “nows” which define our histories. Thus, life becomes a series of interpreted yesterdays and imagined tomorrows.

The setting for the performance will be a rectangular structure sculpted from bamboo, adorned with flags, tarpaulin painted logos, text, divided into two sections – one marked “YESTERDAY”, the other “TOMORROW”. People will be invited to the area demarcated as “yesterday” and will have to answer the existential question: “THINK! How are you making this world a nice place to live?”. The participant will then proceed to the next stage “tomorrow” and, similarly, answer the provoking question: “DARE! Are you who you dream to be?”
During the two actions, a portrait of the performer will be taken, merged into one frame on an on-site laptop and printed using an on-the-spot printer. When the participant completes this action, s/he will receive an image an an indexical mark of her/his participation. The process will continue with another person.

Location: Carter Road Promenade (opp. Café Coffee Day)
Time: 4.00-6.00pm