Spaces in Transition

The upcoming edition of [en]counters is supported by the Prince Claus Fund and is organized in collaboration with Alliance Française de Bombay, and Studio X Mumbai. It looks at the issue of transportation and mobility in Mumbai city: railways stations, buses and bus stands, rickshaws and taxis will become the context against which the 2015 edition of [en]counters will unfold.

Everyday around 14 million people move around on Mumbai’s trains, buses, CNG operated taxis and rickshaws, two-wheelers and cars. It is an outstanding amount of people, experiencing the city and relating to one another every day in a different way. These people are our audience.

Spaces in Transition will focus on the action of moving and commuting in the city’s transportation network. Invited artists will be requested to prompt a reaction on the following questions: how is Mumbai’s landscape perceived by commuters? How can trains, buses, cabs and rickshaws be turned into places for temporary sociability? And how can the suspended period between departure and destination become an occasion for critically re-think urban and public spaces?

The aim of the project is to:
- promote the use of public transportation by making commuting/moving in the city a more enjoyable activity
- generate a sense of civic pride, belonging and of ownership
- trigger collective imagination and critical thinking
- provide wider accessibility to contemporary arts by using urban transportation networks as a shared platform.

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Click here to download [en]counters 2015 – Spaces in Transition’s complete program.