Survival Strategies of Independent Spaces | He Xiangning Art Museum

In October 2015, He Xiangning Art Museum launched the first of a 3-part international forum series titled Survival Strategies of Independent Spaces, dedicated to the research on the role that independent art spaces play in the art ecosystem, the challenges they confront and their unique strategies to survive.

ArtOxygen was invited to deliver a keynote presentation on “The existential environment and possibilities for future development of international independent art spaces“. Historically, independent spaces were artist-run mostly operating on the fringes, provoking both the institutional confines of the artistic system and critiquing the existing social or political realities of their time.

The dialectical relationship between struggle and dependence are inimitable to independent art spaces and the key to their future. Through discussions with curators – artists – academics, the forum begins to explore the trajectories of spaces operating out of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Europe and the UK. How did they emerge, in which context are they functioning, what has been their impact and what are their methodologies for survival were some of the issues addressed and exchanged.

About the forum:
Organizer: He Xiangning Art Museum

Co-organizers: Shenzhen Fine Art Institute (Shenzhen), Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (UK), Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing)
Director: Le Zhengwei
Curators: Feng Boyi, Fang Lihua, Wang Dong, Phillip Ngan
Dates and Venues:
October 19 – 20, 2015
Shenzhen Fine Art Instit​ute
December 2, 2015
Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
December 19, 2015
Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

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