Monsoon In A Bottle | August 2017

The rains are finally here. A source of replenishment and a curse to the city’s infrastructure, the monsoon season for Mumbai is a contradictory time.

It purifies the air, but breeds disease.
It fills up our water bodies, but people have limited access to it.
It regenerates the environment, but too much may swallow the city.
Rains moisten, wet, soak. Their state is fluid, their course is forever unpredictable.

In a place that lingers on a near-drought existence, where monsoons appear sporadically and dangerously,  disappearing as quickly as they erupt, is there a way to trap their amorphous nature?

In Monsoon in a Bottle we ask artists to try and contain this ineffability and all the dichotomies that rains carry to the city, desperation and despair, the longing for and dread of it.

What is their literal and metaphorical meaning? What are the concoctions that might emerge by the action to conceal, to hold on to a fluid substance? Is there any sense that may be derived when its many contradictions are put together?

Applications are open to artists based in India and will be received until July 26. Projects will begin end-August.

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