Remembering Tushar Joag

We are deeply saddened by Tushar’s sudden demise, our dear friend, long-time supporter and collaborator. We have had the great honour to have worked with Tushar since ArtO2’s early days in 2010. With each project he would push the boundaries of practice, with each work he would provoke us with his new approaches and experiments, always challenging us to question our role and responsibility as cultural operators.

Tushar worked naturally in any site, in any context or situation, always managing to involve people, and many times allowing them to shape the form of his work.

What a pleasure it was with every project to be surprised with the final result. There was poetry, magic and love with every piece.

For Tushar, each work was a kind of testing ground from where concerns could be raised, from where people who are not normally part of dominant discourse could voice themselves and narrate their stories. No work was ever final. There was and always will be the potential to keep growing as more voices join and more players intervene.

Tushar, amazing artist and humblest of men, we had so much more to learn from you and do.. in solidarity.

Our deepest condolences to our dearest Sharmila, Katyayani & Kashyap.

- Leandre D’Souza & Claudio Maffioletti