[en]counters – outside in

outside in is the confluence of five site-specific projects shifted within the white-washed walls of The Viewing Room Gallery. Juxtaposed alongside are video and photographic observations on the city.
These site-specifics originated from the project [en]counters – talking sites in the city of extremes, where 5 artists investigated Mumbai’s divided and contrasted self by interpreting its most symbolic sites. Visual commentaries on the sites will be given by photographers Binaifer Bharucha, Claudio Maffioletti and Vahydei K.
Outside, the works were generated by the artists through a continuous process of negotiation with the nature of space and people on-site. Indoors, the context of these works is altered and shifted from the public to the private. Now, complete and extracted from their individual sites, their interdependence becomes physically visible. As they breathe in their proximity, a dialectical process is initiated with the works, the objects appropriated from the city and the very nature of the gallery space.
This art project has been organized thanks to the support of