digital box

ArtOxygen (ArtO2) & Mumbai-based artist Parag Tandel launch the Digital Box, a space where artists, artists collectives, art organisations are invited to share the latest on their work, research, processes related to public art practice & theory.

Digital Box is a platform to engage with practitioners from across the world. It acts as a virtual point from where ideas can be generated, exchanged, fermented and developed. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Box and share your work related to urban interventions, guerrilla actions, ephemeral & temporary works, community projects, write to Parag Tandel at The form for each contribution can be as varied as poetry, text, images, drawings, sound, video, sculpture, architecture.

Our first contributors are Art Together from Hong Kong, long-term collaborator of ArtO2 with whom we have partnered on multiple editions of our annual public art festival [en]counters. Since 2013, we have co-curated, organized over 16 projects and artists from HK.

Imagination I | August 2017 - Art Together