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kyungwoo chun

Kyungwoo Chun (*1969 in Seoul) has for many years now been working on photography projects and initiating performances in which the audience is actively involved. Chun attained international recognition through his portraits, many of which have a characteristic blurriness in their movements-the consequence of extended exposure times. As diverse as the artistic approaches seem at a first glance, Chun considers both the performances and the photographs to be in equal measure "visible manifestations of that which is not visible."

Happy Journey

(en)counters 2015 | Spaces In Transition 

A bench in the shape of CST Terminus becomes a meeting point where the artist invites commuters to share with him personal objects they no longer use: a rabbit foot as a wish of good karma, a picture of a friend who has returned to his home town, a child's bat chewed by his dog. With every object, Chun collects and preserves the memories and stories attached to them.

Ordinary Unknown

A performance where 30 guests are invited to dine together. Each participant sits before someone they have never met before. Each selects his/her own combination of food. They don't feed themselves but the person in front of them. The work probes into the human condition, binding strangers together, forcing them to perform ordinary, intimate acts with strangers.

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