Mansi bhatt

Mansi completed her B.F.A, Painting at Sir J.J. School of Art in 2000. She has had solo shows at Chatterjee and Lal, Mumbai and residencies at the Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh in2007 and The Watermill Center, New York in 2005. As a performance photographer, the characters that she inhabits in her work are drawn from a combination of reality and fiction. Uncertainty of objects and characters along with the constant inquiry towards “belonging” and “travel” are important elements of Bhatt’s work.

No Morals

(en)counters powerPLAY | 2013

The artist, dressed as a bride warrior, questioned the notion of love as she invited people at the Carte Road Promenade to join her while she embarked her journey towards the sea. The artist raced over the rocks and immersed herself in the sea water as a symbolic act to show that love, with all its complexities, is pure at its root.

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