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Kay Abude

Kay Abude is an artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Her creative practice engages many different forms of making, including sculpture, large-scale installation, performance, photography and silk-screen printing. Abude is fascinated with the nature of labour, with its economic, repetitive and somatic properties, and how work connects and separates us, taking so much of our time that it comes to define our lives. Abude is currently a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne 2019-2021. 

Production Line

(en)counters powerPLAY | 2013

A production line featuring a table, four chairs and four performers dressed in a uniform was active for four hours over teo hours over two days in one of Mumbai's promenades. Intended as an enquiry on the relationship between labor and currency value, the production line cut down textile fabrics to the size of a banknote, stamped them with the image of the rupee currency, counted and arranged into bundles.

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