pietro pirelli

Pietro Pirelli, born in 1954, is a performer and composer for acoustic and electronic instruments, for theatre, ballet, art exhibitions, installations, film and video. He studied instruments, percussion and instruments at the Conservatory of Aquila in Milan, Italy. His sound and light performances and installations express his humanistic concern to poetically render the interconnections between nature and technology, and the role of the artist as a sciaman, a catalyst at the center of these two spheres.

Artificiale Naturale per mano dell'uomo & Idrofono

Pirelli investigates the deep relationships between matter, light and sound. The present work is an installation which has at its core, an ice hand. Artificiale Naturale per mano dell'uomo, a poetic symphony of light and sound, can be experienced from the Bogyungdang Temple. Hung upside down, the hand begins to melt and the droplets that precipitate towards the floor, falling onto a flower whose petals are formed of sounding stones, thus generating a harmonic vibration. At the same time, blue laser lights are bounced off the palm of the melting hand and are diffused in various directions. They create a variety of designs, produced from the friction with the ice. The work is a lyrical rendition and an evocative questioning of the rapport between man and nature, where the latter is evoked through technological devices, and poetry is formed as the two come together in unison.

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