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the telepathy project

Australian based artists Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent are engaged in a critical practice based on the possibilities of alternate forms of communication. Telepathy and dreams serve as extended metaphors and working method through which they explore alternate ways of being, communicating and collaborating, and act as the premise for the setting up of encounters that test and provoke such relationships. Their projects have been presented in private and public galleries and festivals in Australia, USA, Germany, Spain, France and India. These projects have often been realised collaboratively both between each other and with other artist collectives such as A Constructed World and with the general public, students and exhibition audiences taking forms such as; musicals, dream recitals, remote international drawing projects, epic sleepovers, telepathically curated exhibitions, collaborative paintings and institutional interventions.

Dreaming The Arabian Sea

(en)counters powerPLAY | 2013

Dreaming the Arabian Sea was a musical performance and drawing project exploring alternative routes, dreams and telepathy that Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent created on Mumbai’s Juhu beach: the texts of their songs and the costumes and props used in the event were inspired by dreams that the couple had during their residency in India.

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