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Bombay Underground

Bombay Underground is a Bombay-based collective that stands for creative social change. Since 1999, Aqui Thami and Himanshu S have been providing a platform for self-published work and introducing zines to the public through workshops, pop-ups, and zine fests.

Monument to the Dead Commuter

(en)counters 2015 | Spaces In Transition 

A marking of a person in tape resembles an accident site. Inside lies a series of persoanl belongings like a handkerchief, wallet and footwear. Texts on music stands are placed nearby which are utterances by commuters who have lost their lives while trespassing. The objects thus acquire infinite value as they refer to loss and the fragility of human memory.

Poster Girls

A compilation of posters that looks at women's everyday interactions and negotiations in public spaces. It seeks to understand their relationship with the city in reference to safety within our public transportation systems.

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