Nobina Gupta

Nobina Gupta is a Kolkata based artist and an alumnus of Santineketan. In the past few years she has created a niche for herself, through significant representations at national and international Art fairs- as India Art Fair (2014 & 2011), Art Fair Cologne, Germany (2013), Art Stages, Singapore (2012), Art Asia Miami (2011), Art Dubai (2011). She has also done solo shows in India at Gallery Sanskriti (2015 & 2011), in Switzerland at Jan Kossen Contemporary Gallery (2014) & Galerie Kashya Hildebrand (2011), along with eminent group shows in London, Sweden, Indonesia and India.

Impressions of the Mindscape

(en)counters 2015 | Spaces In Transition 

The work is a visual research on the human perception of movement and space. A white canvas is placed
on the floor, next to which lies an ink pad. Commuters passing by step onto the ink pad and leave their
footprints, which become a reflection of one's physical and mental state, a sort of pyschography, a
tapestry of signatures unconsciously left by the travelers.

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