Rajeev Thakker

Rajeev Thakker obtained his Bachelors of Architecture from Syracuse University in 1994 and later pursued his Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia Universities GSAPP. He started his own practice,a-RT, which through a series of investigative processes, taking a keen interest in documenting the city & various spatial conditions through cartographic, architectural & other diverse means. Over the past 13 years a-RT has designed and realized several projects in the Hospitality, Retail, Commercial, Residential and Art space segments.

Spread the Word

(en)counters 2015 | Spaces In Transition 

'Spread the word' is a performance in which children are dressed in t-shirts that carry questions and facts related to Mumbai. This becomes the starting point for a visual and textual questioning of the nature of the city. By engaging with passersby, the work aims to create a system of spreading ideas and instigating change.

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