tobias megerle

German artist Tobias Megerle's works refer to the age of machines and technology, to human relationships and to the discourse about the potentials in art itself. The imageries debate is between man and machine, vulnerability and aggression, openness and self-censorship, phobia and acceptance. The subjects in the work have their root in the artists contemplation of the relationship between individuals and the various manifestations of social behaviors. In this post-modern world, we often wander and are lost in a space created and preconditioned by a set of collective social behaviors and self-indulgence. 

Levitate Yourself

(en)counters powerPLAY | 2013

The artist created a standard device used to 'levitate'. This project, involved anyone and everyone who wished to float and contemplate about themselves and the world beneath. The activity broadly questions the illusion of levitating - an illusion of reality and greatness. The actions allowed participants to think of their own energies, spiritual ideas and the joyful experience of'floating'. Hand spun fabrics were used for the device bringing to attention the gravitational force of India, whilst on the brink of Independence. The fabric also questions the presence of the humble home spun fabric in our daily lives, its significance with materialistic worlds of the modern times.

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