forest tales:mysteries hidden in concrete.

ArtOxygen is proud to present Forest Tales: Mysteries Hidden in Concrete, with our long-time collaborators Art Together, in partnership with the Aarey Conservation Group, supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Launching on 20 May, the project marks our first intervention at the contested Aarey Milk Colony.

The Aarey Forest is peculiar to Bombay, protruding stubbornly from its grey belly. Covering over 1000 hectares, it has been home to the Warli & Konkana tribal communities for close to a century. Today, the forest is hot terrain with parcels of land being eroded and reserved for development projects. People are slowly being moved out under governmental ’rehabilitation’ schemes and more are likely to be evicted.

The city is about to lose one of its major green reserves. With 10,000 people likely to be displaced, a chunk of the city’s history will no longer exist.

ArtO2 invited 6 artists to live in this antagonistic green patch. They will cope with the pressures of scarce water and electricity. They will till soil with the local villagers, bake bricks for homes, operate as hawkers in local markets, cook tribal sweets on special occasions. What will be the aesthetic outcome from these exchanges? What happens to the work of art when its main function is to preserve a past way of life? Where does memory fade and fantasy take over? Most crucial, what future can be imagined from this encounter?

We begin Forest Tales: Mysteries Hidden in Concrete with a talk between the artists, their hosts & local conservators at 11am followed by a showing of the works. RSVP 9833303760. For details on how to reach us, click here