[en]counters is a yearly initiative exploring since 2010 issues related to Mumbai’s urban landscape and encouraging creative ideas & actions that have an impact on and transform the city’s everyday life.

The Fluid City is a project that investigates the complexities and contradictions senerated by the role water plays in Mumbai. Through a series of installations, interventions, performances and actions in public Spaces, the project explored the possibilities that emerged from the contamination of art practices with human relations, urban spaces and the uncontrollable chaos of the city’s everyday. By urging seven Mumbai-based artists to examine contemporary issues affecting our daily existence, by shifting the function of art from being purely visual to an active process of provocation, we wanted to illustrate how this terrain is an enriching area for experimentation and how it stimulates people to think,

question, react.

Flow/Cut aims at observing how the remaining objects and the produced documentation re-define the institutional space of the gallery, intended no longer as an abstract container, but as a site integrated within the urban fabric. This exhibition is not meant as a collection of the works which took shape during our public project. lt does not just provide a representation of what happened in the outside. Rather, by establishing a dialogue between works scrutinizing the social, ethical, economical Dinaries of water in the city inside the white cube walls, the fluid city intends to crack frameworks, challenge perceptions and stretch the boundaries of the artistic discourse to open ends.


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