We believe that art can become a point where ideas on reshaping a city and its landscape are activated and exchanged. We believe that art in public can foster creativity and celebrate the cultural diversity of a city. Our projects reach audiences across Mumbai’s layered social, geographic, economic fabric.

As our Member, YOU enable us to continue our mission. We reach over 20 lakh audiences annually with our flagship arts festival [en]counters that produces over 16 artistic projects showcasing the most experimental and innovative practices from India & across the world. Our yearly outreach programs include 30 on-site and off-site workshops, seminars, lectures, artists talks at schools, NGO’s, art institutes, undergraduate colleges.

Most importantly, YOU will support artists as they continue to impact spaces of the city and find beauty in the most unexpected and unusual situations. Their work is most vital as they continue to stimulate the dialogue between art and the city, art and life.

YOU will enjoy exciting benefits that enhance your arts experience such as:

1. listings our our website

2. annual reports

3. invitations to special events

4. active participation in all our initiatives

5. special newsletters & news alerts with YOUR branding

6. presence at our venues

YOUR support is instrumental is fostering research, experimentation and innovation in the arts in India.

With YOU, art breathes in our everyday lives!

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