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vibha galhotra

Vibha Galhotra's work revolves around issues characterizing the progressive depletion of our urban and living environment, and the impact on everyday life of globalization, capitalisms and nationalisms. Born in 1978, Chandigarh, India, the artist received her BFA in Graphics from the Government College of Arts, Chandigarh and her MFA in Graphics from Kala Bhavan – Visva Bharti, Santiniketan.

By using photography, animation, found object, installations and sculptures, Galhotra’s work often uses a satirical, parodic strategy to portray critical issues affecting our lives: Neo-Monster is a gigantic inflatable bulldozer traveling to public spaces and stimulating viewers reactions to the progressive destruction of green spaces for property development; Sediments, a series of canvases on which she has splashed silt collected from the highly polluted Yamuna river in Delhi, is instead a sarcastic statement on the cynical nature of modern art and the art market.

Production Line

(en)counters powerPLAY | 2013

A production line featuring a table, four chairs and four performers dressed in a uniform was active for four hours over teo hours over two days in one of Mumbai's promenades. Intended as an enquiry on the relationship between labor and currency value, the production line cut down textile fabrics to the size of a banknote, stamped them with the image of the rupee currency, counted and arranged into bundles.

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